Monday, January 25, 2016

Cleaning Out Bookshelves

Today my biggest accomplishment was clearing bookshelves...making space.
One thing I noticed as I organized and made piles to give away was how many books seemed to focus on the challenges of choosing a creative life.  I gave away most of these.  A couple titles I recall were "Art and Fear" and "On Not Being Able to Paint."  I flipped through and realized I may have read parts of these and I'm sure they came well recommended at some point in my life but today I wanted to make space.  One that I kept was Twyla Tharp's "The Creative Habit."  It seemed like one I might get back to for encouragement.  I like the idea of habit and it seems to tie in well with my work toward a regular practice.
Mostly, the act of giving away these books opened space for more making and served as a good reminder I want to put my time toward my practice.  
This evening I completed a collage..
Added more layers to a second collage
And began a new collage...
When I got stumped for what to do next in the new piece, I returned to my mini collage practice - now up to 35 of 50 for a new series for Art-o-Mat.

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