Monday, February 29, 2016

Remembering to practice...

I made two mini collages tonight
These came after a long day of just not finding time to sit.  
I began the day with good intentions of really writing about practice today, to reflect on what it has meant to complete two months of this commitment to practice making every day.  Instead I thought about this a great deal but in the thinking I got a bit lost in my head and forgot about the practicing.  
Practicing is about not getting lost in my head but instead about showing up to what is in front of me.  So tonight it was good to come back to showing up to making something.  
And it was a good reminder that this blog has helped to shape daily making into a habit.  Today didn't feel right until I showed up to make something.  And it's a smaller - end of the day - better get this done - sort of making.  Yet it counts and it serves as a good reminder that it's the doing I committed to.  My plan for a big insightful blog post was likely the source of its own undoing.  
As I look back through this blog it IS big to have stayed with this commitment and yet it's big in an accumulated bits and pieces sort of way and that's also the only way forward.  My best insight is that it is really about remembering to keep showing up.  

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