Sunday, November 6, 2016

Making Music

We had a full day today in New Orleans.  We began with beignets at Cafe du Monde and then walked around the art market around Jackson Square.  I loved seeing the variety of artwork and feeling the energy of artists working and selling their art.  There was some tourist art but also many unique and fascinating pieces.  These small paintings are on salvaged venetian blinds.
The iron work and decoration on buildings caught my eye too - like this door.
We ate lunch and spent time at the New Orleans Museum of Art.  The entrance hall had these great abstract pieces by George Dunbar.

And the kids had fun interacting with the art outside in the sculpture garden...

In city park, we followed a spot on the map noting where the Music Box village had once been.  The musical installation had moved on but we got to see these beautiful wheat pastings of portraits by artist Swoon. 

We then traveled to the Music Box Village to get to play in this great art installation created as a collaboration among so many creative people.  
My making today was making music in these creative musical structures.  I made videos of my family interacting with the pieces but am still editing...coming soon.
We ended our evening enjoying the amazing energy of a jazz performance in historic Preservation Hall.

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