Sunday, August 7, 2016


Today we saw our community art piece come together with the installation of silk hoops in the windows of the ballroom of Virginia House at Shrine Mont.  
It is fun to see the landscape of Shrine Mont behind the colorful paintings on the hoops.
This drawing of a porch chair almost seems to fit right into the porch outside the window.
Each window represents the members of one of the cabins of campers.  This will also facilitate taking down pieces and sending them home after our closing tomorrow.
We had a lovely viewing of the installation and all the work created during the show in the afternoon. Guests from the St George's camp, Shrine Mont staff and Shrine Mont Camps staff all came to join the campers and counselors in celebrating the work done during art camp.  
We had a station for visitors to add to a group mural and had wonderful interactions as visitors asked artists about their art.

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